Sunday, 17 March 2019

Hack, Crack, Patch - These are the differences

Hack, Crack, Patch - when dealing with games and other software, you will find these terms. We explain the differences to you.

The hack

The hack of firmware and software extends their functionality. Mostly this extension is illegal.
  • "Hack" is English and means "blow". "To hack" can be translated as "hacking" or more precisely as "hacking off".
  • Originally algorithms were referred to as a hack that solve a problem, but are programmed unclean or impenetrable and therefore not expandable or transferable.
  • Today, a hack usually refers to the access to areas and the use of features of a software that the manufacturer wanted to deprive the user.
  • For example, a hack can detect and play a DVD player format that the manufacturer has suppressed on the software side. Often a manufacturer builds only one device and sells it at different prices: the cheap with less functionality.
  • In computer games, hacks can allow access to level editors or unlock features. A famous hack is the world hack of "Need for Speed" .
  • Legally, hacks are usually illegal. With a hardware or software one usually does not acquire the right to change it.

The crack

A crack removes copy protection or other usage restrictions of programs.
  • The term "crack" is not derived from the drug, but from the English word "crack", which is a "crack" or "crack". "To crack" means "crack".
  • A crack bypasses the copy protection device of a program
  • To create a crack means to disclose part of the software structure by disassembling or using hex editors, so to crack it practically. Changing the protection entries in the exposed part of the program removes the protection.
  • Some factions that have made it their mission to create cracks are truly famous. Software vendors battle it out with such warez groups .
  • Cracker groups create especially for professional and widely used software like Windows, Photoshop and Cubase Cracks.
  • Since the purchase of software usually does not entitle to change the program (in particular to circumvent copy protection devices), cracks are practically illegal.

The patch

Completely legal and recommendable, however, are the patches.

Summary: Hack, Crack, Patch - the differences

In summary, hacks and cracks are mostly illegal changes to the software of any kind - whether firmware, games, operating systems or image and sound editing programs. Hacks allow access to new areas and the use of new features. Cracks override copy protection mechanisms and pretend to the software that there is a right to use it. Patches are offered by the manufacturer and repair faulty program parts.
Further explanations of terms such as the difference between plug-ins and add-ons can be found in our practical tips.
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